Welcome To The Home Of Hot Air Ballooning In the Pikes Peak Region!


We invite the public!

Hot air balloons are fun for the entire family. We invite the public to join us for our flying events. Best of all, you can find out about ballooning, help launch and recover, meet the pilots and crew, and join us at our monthly meeting for free. If you like it and want to join the club, BSOPP family memberships are only $30 for an entire year. Click here for a membership application.

Weather Matters!

Balloons are completely dependent on wind speed and direction for all navigation. Wind blowing too fast or in the wrong direction means we may not fly. Also, winds blow at different speeds and in different directions as you get higher off the ground. Although these higher-altitude winds may not be visible from the ground, our pilots have tools to tell them regional wind conditions at all altitudes. Forecasts tell us in advance what winds might be and we check wind and weather right up to launch time. We ONLY fly when its safe. We prefer to launch when ground winds are under 8 mph. Launch time is usually just after sunrise. Will you join us?


Click here for our President's invitation.

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The nation's leading balloon photographer